Mommy Mantra to get you in the right heart space

Mommy Mantra: 14 Daily Affirmations To Help You Get Into The Right Heart-Space


Whether you call it a mommy mantra, mommy affirmation, momtra, or saying, it all serves the same purpose, to get you into the right heart space for the goodness of motherhood.

If you read my recent post, you know I’m currently using this mommy mantra, “I love the phase that you are in, I love the phase we are in” with my 3-month-year-old daughter.

Let’s Imagine

Imagine with me, you have a newborn baby. It’s 4 am, and it’s the 3rd time she has demanded food in the night. But first, she needs to be changed. So you pick her up to take her to the changing area. She begins screaming and crying. Your mommy boobies are triggered by her cry, and they start leaking. You start moving a little faster and take off the dirty diaper and wipe her clean. Just as you grab the new diaper to put her in, she pees freely on you and on her clothes. Your heart is beating faster, and your anxiety is rising. You know the only thing that will fix her cry is the booby, but now you need to put her in clean clothes. This moment right here is when you insert your mommy mantra.

Life will get easier.

We can’t eradicate these unpredictable circumstances and mishaps. Still, we can change the level of anxieties around what just happened by using a little mommy mantra. These words of affirmation can reset your heart and mind when you are in the trenches of motherhood.

Mommy mantras remind us of the bigger picture. They are that sweet whisper of encouragement when it’s just you and your baby amid the messiness. These phrases can comfort your soul by telling you things will get easier, hold tight, life won’t always be this challenging.

Why mommy mantras work

A mommy mantra is one of many coping skills all of us mamas should have in our toolbox. Certainly, they don’t fix everything, but they can change how we look at our circumstances.

We can store our mommy mantras in our hearts and memory and bring them out when the external world throws curve balls at us. Our mommy Mantras have the ability to give us peace in our inner world in the midst of chaos.

Our minds are extremely powerful, there is tape being played out, and sometimes it’s our inner critic that is in control of the tape, wreaking havoc on our mental peace, telling us lies and infusing us with toxic thoughts. But we can grab the remote, stop that tape, toss it out the window, and play a new tape. One of positivity, love, and self-compassion. Using our mommy mantra is the conscious act of stopping that old tape and inserting a new tape to play, a healthier one.

How to know when your mantra stops working:

This might sound silly, but whenever I start talking back to my mommy mantra and find myself in banter with it, then I know it’s time for a new mommy mantra.

Example: Mommy Mantra: Today is a beautiful day.

Me: today is a freaking mess… nothing is beautiful about today.

Mommy mantras serve us in different seasons of our lives. What worked for us yesterday may not work for us today. That’s why it’s important we stay up to speed with our mommy’s heart needs.

14 Mommy Mantras You store in your mommy toolbox

1. Today, I will move at my child’s pace

2. I am not a bad mom. I am a good mom that is having a bad day

3. I trust my instincts as a mother

4. I am loved and chosen by God

5. I trust in the Lord

6. My children don’t need a perfect mom

7. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

8. Life will get easier

9. Bedtime will be here eventually

10. I am not the only one feeling this way

11. This is a season of life, and soon it will change

12. I have the power to create change

13. One day, I’ll look back and laugh at this moment

14. I love the phase we are in. I love the phase you are in


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