Empty vs. Meaningful Compliments

Dear friend, I know you mean well, but please don’t comment on my appearance unless I ask.

You look thin/skinny/thick/fat/curvy

You’re getting your woman body 

Your boobs look bigger/smaller

What’s your diet look like these days?

Have you been working out? 

You look so young 

You look older 

You look tired

I like your hair better long/short/curly/straight/blonde/brunette

What do you weigh?? A buck and a ____

What you see may not reflect anything about my health, my heart, or my current wellbeing. 

These comments on my body and appearance are empty words, like empty calories, if there is such a thing. They add no value to me, even the most positive ones.

Therefore, I don’t need my self-image diminished by a single comment, and certainly, I don’t need my ego to be bolstered up. Both sides of the spectrum can become terribly unhealthy, and I’ve seen both, felt both, and lived in both.

Indeed, everything is temporary, this day, this dress, this skin, this muffin top, and definitely any external beauty. But character, now that’s the type of beauty that can radiate forever, and it’s what people will actually remember.

So, If you must impose and voice your opinion, please don’t do it at first glance or the moment we exchange our hellos. Just wait and see how I’m really doing, & after our hearts get a chance to catch up, if you still feel the need to comment on my appearance, let me know how my heart looks. Let me know how my character is coming along or how my authenticity is showing through. Time will reveal how I’m really doing. It always does.

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