Living a Life Deeply Connected to Others- This is Rwanda

There is no hiding in Rwanda, all your flaws, truth and beauty are going to show. There’s no time for masks, makeup, shaving or complaining. Sometimes you have water and other times you don’t, but as the people always say to any small problem, “No problem.” 
So wash your face when you can, scrub your shoes when you’re able and be ready for whatever. As my husband always says, “This is Rwanda.” 

In this country, people prepare for any given opportunity or challenge that may arise. Visitors will come knocking on your door and others will call before, but either way you have to be ready for whatever. This is Rwanda.

People here are diligent about keeping their house tidy and clean, they live minimally but functionally. On the last Saturday of every month the country has community clean up, starting from 8am to 11am the stores and markets are closed and the people join together to clean the very land they dwell in. This is Rwanda. 

The people share one another’s laughter, concerns, wealth, shelter, food and everything else that is apart of daily living. There is no problem too big, or happiness more superior that can’t be shared and endured together. This is Rwanda. 

The greatest lesson that I have come to see, so far, is that life in Rwanda is never just about you and your wants. Nor is it about you and your spouse’s wants. Rather, it’s about you, your spouse, your family, your neighbors, your neighbor’s friends, their family and whoever else comes knocking on your door. This is Rwanda. 

Life here is beautiful but not perfect, it is simple but not easy. Yet, the joy evidently thrives here. The people walk the streets hand in hand, they take the time to greet one another and move slowly through conversation, they smile and laugh and joy glistens from the same pores of their sweat. This is Rwanda.

There’s not too many worries or concerns, anxieties or stressed out people. Life is based on relationships, connection and helping one another build a better future for tomorrow. The people practice a formula of happiness without a glimpse of greed. No one is alone in Rwanda, everyone is connected to everyone and people are ready for whatever. This is Rwanda, where kindness and connection is the culture.

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