15 fave photos and Creativity Lessons

 It’s been approximately one year since I purchased my Mark IV camera, and I can honestly say it was the best investment for me at this stage in my life! It has created friendships and experiences that I would have never sought out before, and it has sparked my curiosity about human behavior and the world around.  Photography is simply God’s gift to introverts, like me 🙂 

Top 15 fave photos from 2018 + lessons!

africa-0081Allow your subject to warm up to the camera, as well as allow yourself to warm up. No need to rush the art process. #warmup

Avila Beach, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-3150Create laughter and ease your model’s nerves by carrying out a conversation with them during the shoot. #createlaughteruntitled-1702Don’t be afraid to take the artsy shots! You are not only creating photographs for your clients, but also for you! So let those creative juices flow unapologetically. #sorrynotsorrynew-1880Avoid doing free photo shoots, otherwise you will dread editing your photos for hours on end #dontworkforfree Becca 4-9754Decide whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer… for me I believe this is just a hobby and a form of my expression #makeupyomind

Noelle-1219Explore your style, and try to stick to it. This has been one of my biggest challenges, but I think I finally have it figured out and I’m looking forward to showing the world in the upcoming year of 2019! #becomeyourownIMG_3002

Frame your pictures to the “rule of thirds.” But also be a rule breaker and frame to your own heart’s content! #rulebreaker

Danielle Power's edited photoshoot -7703The closer you are to your subject the more intimate the photograph. A lot of times I notice new photographers (including myself) shoot way too far from their subject. Great shots don’t need to include every branch, limb and ray of sunshine. #moodyshots

IMG_3635When cropping photos, avoid cropping directly at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles #cropcorrectlynoella 22-7872Do your research on the human you’re going to be photographing. Learn about their style, interests and story, so when you meet for the first time they feel understood and treasured. I think this is key in capturing someone’s truth in a short amount of time. #capturetheirtruth

Foster Family-0225Don’t snap hundreds of pictures… wait for the genuine moments to unfold. You will thank yourself in post processing when you upload more meaningful photos and less crappy ones. #mindfulphotographyuntitled-7132Lighting is everything and shade is your best friend. #lightiseverythingg-2211Make Prints! Holding your very own print creates a tangible experience that the internet and social media cannot achieve. #maketheprintkelsey smith 13 (1 of 1)Plan your outdoor photo shoot in the morning or an hour before sunset. #goldenhour halloween-4510When you’re adventuring the world with your camera in hand, leave your lens cap and camera bag behind. This will minimize the steps it takes to snap the photos. You will be more likely to capture the shots that unfold spontaneously. #cameraready 

Sincerely your sis, 



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